No more shall meads be decked with flowers

Harma Everts – soprano
Elly van Munster – theorbo

From the program “I’m sick of love”. Live recording, September 2014.

The Garden with Countless Windows (excerpt)

Harma Everts, soprano
Stephanie Brandt & María Martínez Ayerza, recorders

“The Garden with Countless Windows”
Voice and recorders in a different light
Lindoro NL-3012

Early music by Johannes Ciconia, John Dunstaple, Leonel Power, Guillaume Dufay & Jacopo da Bologna.

Contemporary compositions written for ÆroDynamic by Katarzyna Arnhold (Poland/NL), Antti Auvinen (Finland), Elizabeth Gaskill (USA/NL) and Aspasia Nasopoulou (Greece/NL)

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De Urrede – Nunca fue pena mayor

Never was there greater anguish nor such unusual torment that could equal the pain I receive from your deceit. And this knowledge makes my days so sad, as I think thoughts of your deceitful love. It makes death seem better and less harmful to me than the torment and pain I receive from your deceit.

Demo recording
August 2011

Trombetti – Timete Dominum

Live performance
De Duif, Amsterdam • December 21, 2010

Project “Sacrae Symphoniae”
Vocal and instrumental Renaissance music from Venice

The Royal Wind Music & vocal sextet

Harma Everts & Klaartje van Veldhoven, sopranos
Santiago Cumplido del Castillo, alto
Bram Verheijen & Esteban Manzano, tenors
Eiji Miura, bass

Arrangement and conducting: Paul Leenhouts

Aspasia Nasopoulou – Rodia = SO4H2

Live performance
IXth International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music, Krakow • September 3, 2005

Poetry: Nikos Egonopoulos
Music: Aspasia Nasopoulou
Visuals: Alexander Kyrkos