On November 11th, 2012, the debut CD of ÆroDynamic/Harma Everts was released: The Garden with Countless Windows. 

This CD is available for 15 euros + postage & packing. You can order the CD via the Contact Form.

The Garden with Countless Windows

Within the dreamlike setting of Nikos Egonopulos’ poem Rodia=SO2H4, the ‘garden with countless windows’ provides a space where the contrasting elements of an impossible, surrealistic landscape can connect and interact. Looking through these windows we find an ever-changing landscape full of ever-changing stories.

Change, an unavoidable presence in our lives and those of our predecessors, is a universal theme in music and poetry throughout the centuries. Change is also the thread behind the story told in this record, be it disguised as a lover’s contemplation (Sus une fontayne – Ciconia), the description of a terrible disaster (FACTA – Auvinen) or the yearly arrival of spring (Balloons – Gaskill).

Change may be wished for, when it adds something to our lives, be it honor (Resvellies vous – Dufay), completeness (Quam pulchra es – Power/Dunstable) or the outmost experience of change as the generation of a new life (In the alchemy of the world’s dream – Arnhold). But change is also feared when it takes the shape of feebleness, death, or confronting the unknown (Sotto l’imperio – Da Bologna). Our fragility revealed, we turn to the forces above us and seek protection (Stella maris, Sub tuam protectionem – Dunstable).

You can listen to some excerpts from the CD on the Video page.





Harma Everts is a Dutch singer, who specializes in both old (medieval, renaissance and baroque) and contemporary classical music. For bookings and demo's of Harma Everts and/or AeroDynamic, please send a message via the contact form.