Available lessons

I teach the following lessons:

Classical singing

In my singing lessons, I work with a combination of exercises from the Lichtenberg method and other methods to make your voice and breathing more free. You will learn new songs and arias from different eras, and we will focus on style, timing, and interpretation.


By practicing solmization, (the scale do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do) you will become aware of intervals, and you will become more independent in reading sheet music. We will also work on your sense of rhythm.

Learning choral parts

Are you singing in a choir in which you are expected to practice your notes at home, but do you find that hard to do? I can help you. If you want to apply the singing technique that you learned in your choir singing immediately, I recommend that you bring your choir music. We can then work on using the new techniques in your choral parts.

Music theory and music history

Learn about chords, scales, keys, and more. Gain new knowledge on different style periods, composers, and their backgrounds.


The lessons take place in my home in the Valkenboskwartier in Den Haag. For a small extra fee I can also come to your place to teach you (within a 5 kilometer radius, and there has to be a piano). Unfortunately, my house is not accessible if you use a wheelchair, but I can still come over to teach (without extra cost).

Adults Children (<18)
30 minutes €20 €16,50
45 minutes €28 €23
60 minutes €35 €29

You can purchase the lessons per four. Before doing that, it is possible to have a try out lesson first. Please contact me via the contact form to learn more about the possibilities.




Harma Everts is a Dutch singer, who specializes in both old (medieval, renaissance and baroque) and contemporary classical music. For bookings and demo's of Harma Everts and/or AeroDynamic, please send a message via the contact form.